Risk Assessment

There’s no doubt that a journey like this potentially carries with it a great deal of risk, and it’s true that cycling is in itself an activity which can at times be inherently dangerous. That danger can come in many forms, whether that be from other vehicles, unfamiliar roads, potholes, stray dogs and children, and anything and everything you could possibly think of. Taking to the streets in two wheels is a particularly vulnerable way of getting around.

But other dangers can and potentially will present themselves on this trip. It’s absolutely imperative to assess and plan for these in the unfortunate event that any of them take place.

So – deep breath – the following all require a full risk assessment:

  • Theft/robbery/scams
  • Health & medical issues
  • Route planning & navigation
  • Nutrition
  • Climate & weather
  • Equipment
  • Bureaucracy

It would be overly pessimistic to suggest that all the above will become serious issues during the course of the expedition, but it’d be fairly safe to assume that they will be if adequate preparation doesn’t take place.

To do this I’ll be producing assessments for each item in the list above; if you would like to see copies please contact me using one of the methods on the contact page.


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