There’s no denying the fact – a trip like this costs money, a large proportion of which will be spent before I set foot on South American soil. There’s the bike itself and equipment, travel and medical insurance, airfares, some decent music for my battered MP3 player…

So this is where I’d like to invite you to take part and help me make this dream a reality. If you’re interested in sponsoring me however little or as much as you can I’d love to hear from you. I can’t promise you riches but what I can promise is a place on the Cycling South America Hall of Fame, a logo somewhere on my clothing and on the front page of this website (if a corporate sponsor), the potential for media coverage, lots of links, my eternal gratitude, and – most importantly of all – the chance to take part in something truly amazing. I accept money and/or equipment..!

I should also add that if for whatever reason I fail to complete the journey all donations will be refunded. I’d also like any excess funds to be donated to charity upon completion.

I’ve put together a short booklet explaining the reasons behind the journey, what I’ll hope to achieve and how I’ll be doing it. If you’d like one – or if you would like to get in touch about any other aspect of the trip – just click here.

However if you’re already feeling inspired and are super-keen you can donate right now via PayPal using the button below…

To summarise: what’s in it for you?


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