The Bill Wallace Grant

Cycling South America has recently received a massive boost in the form of the prestigious Bill Wallace Grant, an annual award made by the John Muir Trust. The purpose of the award is “to give people the opportunity to seek out life-changing experiences in wild places of the world in ways which will benefit both the person and the wild places themselves” and I’m very happy to report that the trustees have decided that this expedition fits that description. As a destination CSA will now be joining the High Arctic, Borneo and Tanzania in the truly global roster of Grant recipients.

Bill Wallace played a hugely important role in the development of the John Muir Trust. He was adventurous, inspired others and made a huge personal contribution towards increasing awareness of the need to safeguard wild places – all attributes which I hope to emulate on this journey.

My thanks go to the Trust for both the belief and support in making this expedition a successful one. If you’re also thinking of doing something similar or have an interest in the conservation of wild places I’d strongly recommend visiting the John Muir Trust website because it’s well worth a look.


About keithruffles

I'm planning to take on the ultimate challenge - to cycle around the entire continent of South America!
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2 Responses to The Bill Wallace Grant

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  2. Rory Walker says:

    Absolutely amazing I’m planning on a trip to America next year I’ve only managed to travel Cheshire it’s a dream to see some real mountain ranges compared to these mole hills

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