Setting a World Record

A couple of months ago I submitted a request to Guinness World Records to find out if anyone had circumnavigated South America by bicycle before, and if so whether a record had been set in the process. I’ve come across a lot of individuals who have cycled vast distances in the Americas but none that has ever completed this particular journey.

It’s important in two ways, both of them to do with sponsors. It’s fair to say that the expedition will be a much more attractive prospect if it can be demonstrated that this really is the first time a circumnavigation has been undertaken, and until it is confirmed I can’t state with real confidence that this is indeed a first either.

The other benefit is the association with GWR; setting a record is simply a brilliant way to promote products. Whilst it’s true to say that I would feel immensely proud to set a World Record I’m more worried at this stage by the prospect of raising enough funds to actually complete the trip.

I’ve recently received a response from GWR and the news is mixed; the closest current category they can find is the “fastest time to cycle the length of South America“, set by Italian Giampietro Marion in 2000. Clearly this isn’t quite what I’m hoping to do so I’ve sent an email back asking if it’s possible to create a new record. When I’ve heard back I’ll post the news here…

Oh, and he did it in 59 days, in case you’re wondering…

Update 07/11/2011:
I’ve had a response from GWR stating they’ll consider my submission, so fingers crossed. In reference to the GWR logo in this post I’ve also been advised to “be so kind and take it down” despite the fact that it, er, promotes their own organisation. Apparently if I want to keep it on here it’ll set me back a hefty £375, which is equivalent to a fortnight’s pay on my current meagre wage. So down it goes in favour of a neutral picture – biting the hand that feeds and all that…


About keithruffles

I'm planning to take on the ultimate challenge - to cycle around the entire continent of South America!
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